christyn-2Christyn Taylor will be joining us for our three part WHERE IS GOD? Conference on Wednesday, November 5 from 9am- 1:00 pm at Rio Vista Rec Center.  Inside Rio Vista Community Park, North of Thunderbird Road and 1/4 mile West of Loop 101 at 8866 W Thunderbird Rd.

Pizza will be available between sessions.

Here Is Part of Her Story:

Multiple hospital stays with my daughter were exhausting, but I held faith.  Losing Brian’s family members one by one until there was only one left, who was then diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, was incomprehensible, but I still held faith.  Being hospitalized seven and a half weeks with a placental abruption was terrifying, but I held faith.  I held to the faith that God works for my good, and though I did not necessarily understand the trials, I trusted God’s bigger, unseen plan.

God and I had a deal – I would endure the trials that came my way as long as He acknowledged my stopping point.  He knew where my line had been drawn and I knew in my heart He would never cross it.

He did.  I delivered a stillborn baby girl.  With my daughter Rebecca still at home on a feeding tube and her future health completely unknown, it was a foregone conclusion that this baby we so wanted and loved would be saved.  She wasn’t.  My line in the sand was crossed.  My one-way deal with God was shattered…

Join us as Christyn shares with us how she held her faith even when God seemed to cross her line!