The final letter that Jesus commissioned John to write was to the church in Laodicea – the Lukewarm Church.  Laodicea was a very wealthy, self-sufficient city but their problem was their water system.  They were situated between cold refreshing stream water to one side and hot springs on the other and when the water reached this town – it was lukewarm.  And that was the analogy Jesus gives to this church – you are neither hot and on fire for Me – or cold, wanting nothing to do with me.  You are lukewarm – you sit on the fence.  You show up at church on Sunday but refuse to live for me during the week. You go to church but you are unmoved by what you hear.  You have a bible but you have no desire to read it.  You love your sin and have no desire to change.  You are lukewarm and Jesus says it makes Him sick – so much that He wants to vomit them out of His mouth.  For the last church Jesus writes to – this is a stinging rebuke and a challenge to look within our own lives and see if we are hot, cold or lukewarm in our faith.

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