Jennifer Rothschild

Join us for our special guest Jennifer Rothschild, Author of “Is God Just Not Fair?” She will share her story of how she went blind at 15 years old and how God has graciously taken her through the ups and down of losing her sight.


Kristen Anderson

She wanted to die. God had other plans. Overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotional trauma, Kristen Anderson no longer wanted to live. One January night, determined to end her pain once and for all.


Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh is a Scottish lass known as “the encourager” to the over 5.5 million women she’s met and spoken to. She loves being a Bible teacher, making God’s Word practical, and sharing her own story.


Sujo John

Sujo John shares his story of 911. Stuck on the 81st floor after the first plane crashed into the North Tower he will explain what happened during that terrifying hour that pushed his faith in Jesus forward to a whole new level!


Vanessa Morris

Vanessa Morris is a graduate of the University of South Florida. She became interested in fighting human trafficking and helping women affected by this crime when she first learned about the issue in 2008.


Lynn Childers

Drugs…alcohol…stripper…partying…this is the life that Lynn Childers, wife of Sam Childers as seen in the move “Machine Gun Preacher” lived until she met Jesus and made Him Lord of her life. Join us she shares her story!


Chad Williams

Author of his new book “SEAL of God”, Chad shares his journey through the grueling Naval Ops training and onto the dangerous streets of Iraq, where he witnessed the horrors of war up close. Chad shares his own conversion story.


Christyn Taylor

Christyn Taylor is a Bible study teacher at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. The Taylor family has had to overcome many obstacles over the last several years and Christyn has not shied away from sharing.


Gracia Burnham

For American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, what started out as a relaxing, once-in-a-lifetime anniversary getaway at an exotic island resort turned into one of the most horrific nightmares imaginable.