When you donate to our Women’s Bible Study 10% will be given to these ministries:

ReturnHopeBlkOnTrspLogoOUR MISSION:
We exist to ReturnHope to the hopeless by helping restore God’s original plan for their lives.GOD’SORIGINAL PLAN:
God owns the keys to life. He gave mankind His unlimited supply of keys to manage. When anyone loses God’s keys, they become imprisoned by hopelessness. The hopeless are dependent on those who still hold God’s key supply. Opportunity knocks. You hold the keys to their freedom. Will you give a key and ReturnHope to their liveswww.returnhope.org

Prevention programs are an important part of our strategy against human trafficking. YouCanFree.Us stages a series of fashion, art, and sports events to raise awareness on human trafficking issues in different parts of the world. It has also developed a comprehensive educational curriculum, The VOX Initiative, to teach boys and girls about the dangers of human trafficking, sexual health, and safety and gender equality, empowering a whole generation of young people. We rescue women and children, in partnership with the local authorities and non-profits, from the red light districts where they have been commercially traded and exploited. At our safe homes, trafficked victims have a clean and safe place to recover while receiving legal, medical, and emotional support. By providing language and vocational training in various fields through partnerships with schools and corporations, these women are equipped with the skills necessary to re-enter society. Through a network of engaged individuals and corporations, we facilitate job placement and help victims to become financially independent.www.youcanfree.us

 speakupforhopeWHAT WE DO: 

  • Provide ideas for resources needed by inmates such as electronic equipment, educational materials, large print Bibles, books, greeting cards and sports equipment.
  • Provide ideas for resources needed for visitation areas such as games, cards, coloring books, and crayons for use by prisoners and their families.
  • Offer resources by Carol Kent.
  • Provide information on Boxes of Hope for Women’s ministries.
  • Provide information on Jump Start Bags for prisoners – what practical items inmates need upon release.


feedmystarving-childrenOUR MISSION:

As a Christian non-profit organization, Feed My Starving Children is called to feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit.

You will hear us say this again and again: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” We truly mean this. This means reaching the hard-to-reach people and places, the “least of these.” They will be found, and they will be fed.

With God’s help we will work together with organizations and ministries across the globe to end hunger.