With Joel Richardson

Friday November 4 • 5pm-8pm and
Saturday November 5 • 9am – Noon

TIMELINES can be so helpful especially when it comes to End Times and JESUS Himself gives us one in Matthew 24!  We don’t mean an exact day or hour but a season that we need to be looking out for. What will happen before, during and after the 7 years of tribulation?  You may be surprised!

Join us as Joel Richardson will be here to answer over 40 end time questions like:

• Is the Rapture Imminent?
• What has to happen BEFORE the Rapture happens?
• What does the “7 years” consist of?
• Will Christians be here for any of the 7 years?
• Where will the Anti Christ come from?
• What is the Mark of the Beast?
• Does a Third Temple have to be built before the 7 years start?
• Is the Tribulation different than the Wrath of God?
• What is the “Day of the Lord”?
• What will it look like when Jesus returns?
• What is the 1000 year reign?
• What will heaven look like?

These questions and many more will be answered by Joel in 6 sessions!

This is a ticketed event.  Tickets are FREE but this event will be VERY EXPENSIVE so we would appreciate if you could DONATE for this!   There will be a dropdown box when you order your tickets to donate if you can.