What we as the church should look like.

We are all on the same team ‘As We Go’ through life!

As Christians, we should be working together for one purpose: sharing Jesus with others and helping people grow in their faith. Is this happening in our lives?

Do we spend time with non-Christiains “as we go” in order to share Christ with them? Do we recognize the power of the Holy Spirit in our life “as we go” through the day? Are we so comfortable in our Christian circles that “as we go” we have forgotten there is a lost and dying world in need of Jesus? Do we encourage and support other Christians, “as we go” even if they do not attend our specific church? Do we know what our spiritual gift is so we can use it “as we go” throughout our day?

Join us as we explore what the Bible says about affecting your personal world and reaching your community. Our hope and prayer for this book is that together we can be “AS WE GO” kind of people!