Welcome to our Women’s Bible Study website!

My name is Lisa Laizure and I have been teaching Bible for over 20 years in Phoenix, AZ. My passion is to teach verse by verse through books of the bible because I know that the Word of God and the Holy Spirit living in us is what changes us on the inside!

The reason teaching the Bible is so important to me is because we live in an ever changing world where people are worried, confused, and stressed. They don’t know why they are here and what their purpose is. They are fearful because they don’t know where they will go when they die.

This is WHY this Bible Study exists!  We know that the Bible has all the answers we need to make it through this life!

Our ministry is broken up in two parts.  We have an “in person” portion where every Wednesday in Phoenix Arizona I teach a 50 minute lesson on a specific book of the Bible. We work through verses and I add in illustrations and stories and… if I don’t say so myself… some pretty lame jokes to keep you engaged!

We also have guest speakers and Conferences at least once a year.

The second part of our ministry is our Online portion. We are putting out 3 Bible Studies each week.  At the moment we are working through the book of Psalms on Monday.  On Wednesday we are working through Genesis. Friday we do short segments with Questions. Everything we do is videotaped and put on our website, our apps, our Youtube channel and our Roku channel. We also have Spotify and iTunes available for people to listen to our bible studies.

On a personal level, I have been married to my husband Rob for over 40 years!  We have 7 children and 13 grandchildren!  We go to a great Bible Teaching church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My greatest desire is for people to come to true biblical saving faith in Jesus who is the ONLY way to a relationship with God and then study the Bible and grow in their faith!

Please enjoy all the content here on our website!