If a baby drank a bottle of baby formula all of their life until they were 100 we would wonder – what is wrong with the baby? Why aren’t they growing up so they don’t need baby formula anymore? Now think of that as a Christian. If a Christian just drank spiritual baby milk all their life – we would wonder the same thing. Why are they not growing up in their faith? Why are they not eating spiritual solid food?


Money. Fame. We can’t take either one with us when we die so what should we be living for? Join us today to find out!


Here is why we study the Bible: because life changes. We like life when it changes for the good, but when it changes for the bad we need something to cling to. Something to give us hope and peace. Join us for Lesson 2 in the book of John as we see why reading the Bible is so important for living life in a broken world.


The Holy Spirit does not always operate the same way with all people.  This is true when it comes to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Denominations fight over this. Churches split over this.  But it might not be as confusing as people make it!


Life is like a puzzle. Each event in our life is like a piece of that puzzle. But if we don’t have a picture of what the puzzle is supposed to look like ahead of time, we can be confused. Today we will learn that God can see the whole picture. We can’t, so that means most of our lives will mean living out our puzzle by faith! Join us as we continue our study in the book of Genesis and how this plays out with Joseph.

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