Pastors should be preparing their people to stand up amidst persecution. Pastors should be telling people what Jesus said it means to follow Him which consists of counting the cost. Taking up our cross. Seeking His Kingdom over ours.  


Life is difficult. We have marriage problems. Work problems. Money problems. Health problems. But as followers of Jesus, we should look at all those things differently than someone who isn’t a Christian.


For God so loved the world that He sent Jesus –  the greatest rescue event of all time but what are we being rescued from? Do you WANT to be rescued? Join us today as we continue in the Gospel of John!


When it comes to studying End Times, we must be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 who searched the Scriptures for themselves. That is what we need to be doing because times are changing fast and our pastors or teachers may be wrong about their end-time scenario.


Everything changes when you follow Jesus but if that’s true why is there so much hypocrisy among Christians? Today we will talk about how a true believer can be a hypocrite but they can’t stay that way for very long!


As the End Times approach False Christs, False Prophets, and False Teachers will appear. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who will try and deceive even those who are true followers of Jesus. So, what can we do to NOT be deceived? Join us today as Joel Richardson answers this question very candidly regarding someone in his life who ended up being a false teacher.

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