Times are changing and because of that, Pastors should be teaching the Bible. Pastors should be preparing their people to stand up amidst persecution. Pastors should be telling people what Jesus said it means to follow Him which consists of counting the cost. Taking up our cross. Seeking His Kingdom over ours.  Is that what we are hearing on Sunday mornings?


We TRY to be a good Christian. We try to read our Bible every day. We attempt to help people. We throw some money in the offering plate. But we often do those things in hopes that God will be happy with us. But is God impressed? Actually – NO! He wants us to do all those things but for a completely different reason.


Recently there have been more and more UFO or UAP sightings. Should we be concerned about what people are seeing? What are they? Extraterrestrials in spaceships coming to our planet? What does the Bible have to say about this? 


What will matter on your deathbed? Will you be thinking about God’s kingdom and heaven or thinking about your kingdom and how sad you are to leave this earth? This week Jacob and Joseph will leave the pages of Scripture and we will learn why it matters that we end well.


Nothing ever happens in our life that God does not know about or that He isn’t in control of. That is such good news and our job is to surrender our lives to this amazing God so we can be used by Him on this earth. Join us today as we see how the early disciples felt about God after Peter and John’s release from jail!


If Jesus showed up at your house, what would He find? This was John the Baptist’s job to prepare people for the arrival of Jesus. But what does that look like? Join us today as we continue in Luke.

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