The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke.

Join us as we look into the Gospel of Luke brought to you by Lisa Laizure from Connecting The Dots Ministries. In this video you’ll learn what Connecting the Dots ministries is about and how you can connect the dots between your day to day life and your relationship with God. If you would like to join us at a live Bible study, we meet every Wednesday at Harkins Theater 16046 N. Fountains Center Dr.  from 9:00am-10:00am.

Luke Lesson 1
Historical Questions with
Historical Answers
Luke 1:1-4
Luke Lesson 2 
God controls history! 
Luke 1:5-25
Luke Lesson 3 
Mary and the “Favored Life” 
Luke 1:26-38
Luke Lesson 4
ime for Encouragement
Luke 1:39-56
Luke Lesson 5 
The Path of Least Resistance –
when God disciplines us  
Luke 1:56-80
Luke Lesson 6
God Reveals Himself to
Lowly Shepherds  
Luke 2:1-21
Luke Lesson 7
Waiting on God
Luke 2:22-40
Luke 2:41-42 Ruined By Religion – Interview with Micah Laizure
Luke 2:39-52 – Religion Can Never Save Luke 3:1-9 Lesson 10 Repentance – Getting Unstuck Luke 3:10-22
What Baptism is all about!
Luke Lesson 12
“The Ravine”
mqdefault luke-14 Luke15 Luke-16
Luke 3:23-38
Lesson 13
Luke 4:1 – 13
Lesson 14
Luke 4:14-30‬ 
Lesson 15
Luke 4:31-44
Luke Lesson 16
17Rev Luke18 Luke19 luke
Luke 4:34-41
Lesson 17 – “Jesus: Authority over Demons and Sickness”
Luke 4:38-44 Lesson 18 Why Jesus claiming to be God should change‬ our lives.  Luke 4:43-5:11 – Lesson 19
Our Purpose in Life Lesson
Luke 5:4-11 – Lesson 20
Stepping out in Faith