Luke Bible Study

The Gospel of Luke.

Join us as we look into the Gospel of Luke brought to you by Lisa Laizure from Connecting The Dots Ministries. In these video series you will learn how the words and life of Jesus can change your life and how you can connect the dots between your day to day life and your relationship with God. If you would like to join us at a live Bible study we meet at Rio Vista Rec Center on Wednesdays from 9:00am-10:00am


Lessons 71 – 83

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Luke Lesson 83 The end is really the beginning! Luke Lesson 82 Confusion & Doubt Luke Lesson 81 What I want or what God wants?
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Luke Lesson 80 Two Very Different Endings Luke Lesson 78-79 The Patience of God Luke Lesson 76-77 God is Not Shocked!
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Luke Lesson 75 What about ME? Luke Lesson 74 Self-Righteous? “Not Me!” Luke Lesson 73 Will He find us faithful?
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Luke Lesson 72 Overwhelmed by Gratitude Luke Lesson 71 Chains be broken


Lessons 63 – 70

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 Luke Lesson 70
How begins with why?
Luke Lesson 69B
The Same Jar
Luke Lesson 69B
It’s time to come home…
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Luke Lesson 68 The Cost Luke Lesson 67 The Very Narrow Road Luke Lesson 66 Fair or Unfair?
luke64 63
Luke Lesson 65 Preparing for the End Times Luke Lesson 64 WORRY – Does it REALLY help? Luke Lesson 63 FEAR – What are we so afraid of?


Lessons 55 – 62

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Luke Lesson 62 Who Frustrates Jesus the Most Luke Lesson 61b How to Win the Battle Luke Lesson 61a How Satan influences us
Luke Lesson 60C How to hear from God Luke Lesson 60b My NEW view on prayer… Luke Lesson 60a When God doesn’t seem to be listening!
luke58b luke58b
Luke Lesson 59b “But what about ME?” Luke Lesson 59a A Twist on the Good Samaritan Luke Lesson 58b The word that brings peace…
luke58 luke-57 luke56
Luke Lesson 58a Get ’em God! Luke Lesson 56 Losing my AWE Luke Lesson 55 But I Had Faith…
Luke Lesson 57 The Highs and Lows of Life


Lessons 46 – 54

luke54 luke53 luke52
Luke Lesson 54 Big God, Little Satan Luke Lesson 53 Overcoming FEAR Luke Lesson 52 What’s in YOUR heart?
Luke51 Luke50 Luke49
Luke Lesson 51 Who rules YOUR life? Luke Lesson 50 The Prostitute and the Pharisee Luke Lesson 49 The Voice that matters most!
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Luke Lesson 48 Pushing Through our Doubt Luke Lesson 47 Temporarily Stuck on Earth Luke Lesson 46 What is Faith?


Lessons 37 – 45

luke45 lesson44 Luke-43
Luke Lesson45 Foundations for the Storm Luke Lesson 44 Storage Room Luke Lesson 43 When CAN I Judge? – Part 2
luke42 luke41 lesson-40
Luke Lesson 42 When CAN I judge? – Part 1 Luke Lesson 41 But I Can’t… Luke Lesson 40 God’s Heart – My Heart
luke39 luke38 Luke-37
Luke Lesson 39 God Glasses Luke Lesson 38 Which Way – “Insider or Outsider?” Luke Lesson 37 Choose this day…


Lessons 27 – 36

Luke-36 luke35 lesson34
Luke Lesson 36 Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Luke Lesson 35 Eyes to See Luke Lesson 34 When the Storm Rolls In
luke33 mqdefault luke31
Luke Lesson 33 I Hate Rules… Luke Lesson 32 Is Biblical Knowledge Important? Luke Lesson 31 Disappointed, Disillusioned Disciples‬
luke30 luke-29 Luke28
Luke Lesson 30 People Like Us Much of me…
Much of Him
Luke 6:12-16
Luke Lesson 29 Change is Inevitable
Luke 6:12-16
Luke Lesson 28 What Jesus looks for in a
disciple – Part 2
Luke 6:12-19
Luke Lesson 27 What Jesus looks for in a
disciple – Part 1 Luke 6:12-19


Lessons 21 – 26

Luke26 luke-25 luke24
Luke Lesson 26 Out with the Old –In with the New
Luke 5:33-6:11
Luke Lesson 25 Moving Past your Past
Luke 5:30-32
Luke Lesson 24 Levi – Tax Collector to Follower
Luke 5:27-32
Luke Luke22 luke21
Luke 23 Jesus Covers our Sins
Luke 5:15-26
Luke Lesson 22 Jesus and the Leper on Prayer
Luke 5:12-14
Luke Lesson 21 Face to Face with a Leper
Luke 5:12


Lessons 14 – 20


luke Luke19 Luke18
Lesson 20 Stepping out in Faith
Luke 5:4-11
Luke Lesson 19 Our Purpose in Life Lesson
Luke 4:43-5:11
Luke Lesson 18 Why Jesus claiming to be God
should change‬ our lives.
Luke 4:38-44
17Rev Luke-16 Luke15
Luke Lesson 17 Jesus: Authority over
and Sickness
Luke 4:34-41
Luke Lesson 16 Religious Activity in Hopes
of Making God Love You
Luke 4:31-44
Luke Lesson 15 God wants your heart –
not your religion
Luke 4:14-30
Luke Lesson 14 Temptations from Satan –
Tests from God
Luke 4:1-1


Lessons 10 – 13


Luke Lesson 13 Nothing in our past matters to God –the Genealogy of Jesus
Luke 3:23-38
Luke Lesson 12 The Ravine The Silent times Luke Lesson 11 Baptism – an Outward Sign of an Inward Change
Luke 3:10-22
Luke Lesson 10 Repentance – A Way of Getting Unstuck
Luke 3:1-9


Lessons 7 – 9

Luke Lesson 9 The Mission of Jesus at 12
Luke 2:41-52
Luke Lesson 8 Ruined by Religion
Luke 2:41-42
Luke Lesson 7 Waiting on God
Luke 2:22-40


Lessons 1 – 6

Luke Lesson 6 God Reveals Himself to Lowly Shepherds
Luke 2:1-21
Luke Lesson 5 The Path of Least Resistance–when God disciplines us
Luke 1:56-80
Luke Lesson 4 Time for Encouragement Luke 1:39-56
Luke Lesson 3 Mary and the “Favored Life”
Luke 1:26-38
Luke Lesson 2 God controls history!
Luke 1:5-25
Luke Lesson 1 Historical Questions with Historical Answers
Luke 1:1-4